Welcome to our little home on the web. Here we will share with you our lives.

My wife Mia truly is beautiful and sexy, and I will share with you here her beauty, and the beauty and passion of our love making. Love making is a beautiful thing.

Mia and I met on the Internet and got married in 2001. She came to Canada in 2002.

So, to help add some excitement and to spice up our sex life, we are creating videos of our love making to share with you. Myself, I've always had a bit of a fantasy of exhibitionism too.

Please visit our home here often and I hope you enjoy our photos and videos.

And in this safe way, you can join us in our bedroom and take part in our love making. Please write to us for we love hearing from you.

Our website is about real love making and natural real people.

Feel free to send your videos to us too, and we'll be happy to put them here.

Also, let us know what you think of our videos and photos. The world of online porn can seem so cold and hard to know who is real. But I assure you, we are a real husband and wife couple, living in Toronto Ontario Canada. Mia was born in 1975 in China, while Ron was born in 1962.

Email us at: mia.and.ron@gmail.com

P.S. It's now Feb. 12, 2009: All our videos here were taken a few years ago. We now have 2 beautiful and so very precious daughters -- ages 5 and 1. I'll redesign the site and put new videos and photos up soon. I just got a new Sony HD camcorder with nightshot ability -- which will help in getting new videos up. Mia never really liked the bright video lights -- hard to be in the mood for love making. Meanwhile, visit my blog at http://www.nuderiver.com/ to know more about what I'm up to.